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Water Damage from Hurricanes

9/27/2022 (Permalink)

It is September 27th,2022 and currently there is a hurricane named Ian is making its way to the United States with its path set on Tampa Florida. 

Forcasters are saying it could strengthen to a category 4 on as it travels north.  Landfall is expected late this Wednesday into early Thursday morning. 

Floridians are being put on high alert and making numerous evacuation plans for residents since early in the week. 

Counties along the west coast are preparing for the worst. Forecasters expect the storm to intensify as it travels its way north from Cuba targeting the west coast of Florida. 

The surrounding towns will experience high winds, heavy rain, damaging storm surge and a rise in ocean water over normally dry land along with widespread power outages. Major flooding is expected. 

 SERVPRO will be ready and prepared to help residents and businesses hit by these damaging storm effects.  

Storm Predictions

9/7/2022 (Permalink)

Forecasters are predicting an above-average hurricane activity this season. The 2022 Atlantic hurricane season extends from June 1 to November 30.

For the 2022 hurricane season, experts are predicting 14 to 21 named storms.

Early preparation is key to being hurricane resilient and climate ready.  Weather experts are working 24 hours a day to provide early and accurate forecasts and warnings that communities in the path of storms can depend on to stay informed.

Who can forget Superstorm Sandy, this storm devastated the New York and New Jersey area in 2012.   We are still feeling the effects of that storm years later. Forecasting has continued to improve, allowing better predictions and the impacts of major hurricanes.

It’s important for everyone to understand the risks and take proactive steps to be ready now. Visit our web page for more information. or call our office to speak to the local experts.

Ask the Experts In Air Quality

6/10/2022 (Permalink)

particles being breathed in Pollen, dust and other allergens are in the air you breath

Regular housecleaning can get rid of many allergy triggers and help relieve your symptoms.  Here are some ways to keep your house clean and your allergies under control:

  • Vacuum once or twice a week. Make sure your vacuum has a HEPA filter. Some allergens are so small that they pass right through a regular vacuum filter. That means that every time you vacuum, you could be sucking them off the floor and shooting them into the air, where you breathe them in.
  • Cut clutter. Piles of boxes or clothing can trap dust and hide allergens like dust mites and cockroaches.
  • Keep the bathroom free of mold. Scrub the tile regularly. Don't forget the shower curtain, too. You may be able to toss it in the washing machine.
  • Wash sheets weekly in hot water. Make sure it's at least 130 F. That's hot enough to kill dust mites. If your child has allergies, do the same with any washable stuffed animals.
  • Don't use scented cleaners or detergents. If you have allergies, the fragrances in cleaners can trigger symptoms. Look for fragrance-free products instead.
  • Use a damp cloth and mop when cleaning. They'll trap allergens instead of knocking them into the air.
  • Clean outside entryways. Sweep or vacuum. The cleaner your path or patio is, the less likely someone is to track dust or pollen into your house.
  • Take shoes off before you go in the house. That way pollens or other triggers won’t get tracked in.
  • Keep pets out of the bedroom. It's a key way to protect yourself from dander. Don't ever let pets sleep on the bed if you have pet allergies.
  • Use air-conditioning. Instead of opening windows when it’s hot, use the AC. An air conditioner will filter the air, preventing dust, dirt, pollens, molds, and other triggers from getting in.

Ready for the Storm

6/10/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Manahawkin is always available- 24 hours a day  7 days a week for storm emergencies, large or small. When you are dealing with storm damage, immediate action is crucial. A delay of just a few hours can greatly increase the severity of the damage.

We Answer the Phone Ready to Help

Call Today - (609) 549-0379

We understand that when you call us, you may be feeling confused, stressed, and vulnerable. You need an expert to guide you through this crisis. SERVPRO of Manahawkin has the specific storm damage training and experience to help you through this tough time. We specialize in storm damage restoration—in fact, it's the cornerstone of our business.

What to Expect

When you call, we will ask several questions regarding your damage emergency. These questions will help us determine what equipment and resources to bring, including how many trained SERVPRO Professionals may be needed.

Our SERVPRO Representative will ask several questions:

Your name and contact information

Your insurance information (if applicable)

The street address of the water-damaged home or business

When did the damage occur?

What caused the damage (if known)?

Is there electricity available (on-site)?

About SERVPRO of Manahawkin

SERVPRO of Manahawkin specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke , water or storm damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.


ABRA Certified Bio-recovery Technician course

Hazardous Materials Standard training

AMRT - Applied Microbial Remediation Technician

ASD - Applied Structural Drying Technician

RRRP - Lead-Based Paint Activities and Renovation

CCT - Carpet Cleaning Technician

WRT - Water Damage Restoration Technician

ECTP - Employee Certification Training Program

What is in your office?

6/10/2022 (Permalink)

man looking at mold on the wall Oh No! Better call SERVPRO!

If you see visible mold, do not disturb it. You can inadvertently spread the mold infestation throughout your business. When mold is disturbed, the mold can release microscopic mold spores which become airborne and can circulate inside your facility.

What to Do:

  • Stay out of affected areas.
  • Turn off the HVAC system and fans.
  • Contact SERVPRO of Manahawkin for mold remediation services.

What Not to Do:

  • Don’t touch or disturb the mold.
  • Don’t blow air across any surfaces with visible or suspected mold growth.
  • Don’t attempt to dry the area yourself.
  • Don’t spray bleach or other disinfectants on the mold.

About Our Mold Remediation Services

SERVPRO of Manahawkin specializes in mold cleanup and restoration, in fact, it’s a cornerstone of our business.  Our crews are highly trained restoration professionals that use specialized equipment and techniques to properly remediate your mold problem quickly and safely.

If You See Signs of Mold, Call Us Today – (609) 549-0379

Another Possible Threat

6/8/2022 (Permalink)

germ spore of monkeypox New Viral Threat of Monkeypox

Just when you thought things were settling down from the Covid-19 aftermath, we now are faced with the possibility of Monkeypox. All business types have been affected by Covid in many ways especially when it comes to the work force.  The country suffered a major employment shortage that then resulted in offering higher salaries and sign on bonus just so you could keep your doors open.  Presently, June 2022, we are or have adjusted to the increase in our payroll, stabilized our sales and or services and it was just announced that a new highly infectious viral disease may threaten us again. 

Monkeypox is a viral disease that is normally found in central and western Africa. It is called monkeypox because it was first discovered in laboratory monkeys. According to Wikipedia, an ongoing outbreak of monkeypox was confirmed in May 2022, beginning with a cluster of cases found in the United Kingdom. The first recognized case was confirmed on 6 May 2022 in an individual with travel links to Nigeria, but it has been suggested that cases were already spreading in Europe in the previous months. There are now 21 confirmed monkeypox cases in the United States. Hopefully this will not become widespread here. The impact of another widespread virus could be devastating to your business as well as our country.

Are You Ready?

6/8/2022 (Permalink)

storms, be ready, know who to call Be Ready, know who to call when a storm is approaching

The season for storms as begun. The 2022 hurricane season is forecasting a likely range of 14 to 21 named storms (winds of 39 mph or higher), of which 6 to 10 could become hurricanes (winds of 74 mph or higher), including 3 to 6 major hurricanes (category 3, 4 or 5; with winds of 111 mph or higher).

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts an above-average hurricane season.  They are predicting 14 to 21 named storms, including 3 to 6 six major hurricanes.

Major hurricanes are Category 3, 4 or 5 and have sustained winds of 111 mph or higher. These hurricanes can cause catastrophic damage that could result in widespread power outages and leave residential and commercial properties uninhabitable for several days to months.

The 2022 hurricane season is the seventh consecutive above-average hurricane season. This year is likely to have increased activity due to several climate factors, including:

  • La Niña 
  • Warmer-than-average sea surface temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea
  • Weaker tropical Atlantic trade winds
  • An enhanced West African monsoon

The official Atlantic hurricane season runs June 1 to Nov. 30, but hurricanes and severe storms can form before or after.

Check out our storm page or call today for more information.


Get Ready Grill Masters!

5/5/2022 (Permalink)

Local SERVPRO fire remediation specialist advises Ocean County grill masters to prepare now for a safe, savory outdoor cooking season 

For many, the Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of the summer season. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) warns families that the onset of the summer season also marks a rise in home fires started by outdoor grilling activities. According to the NFPA, on average, 10,600 home fires are started by grills each year. July is the peak month for grill fires, followed by June, May, and August. 

“Sixty-one percent of U.S. households own a gas grill,” says fire remediation specialist Christopher Fyrberg of SERVPRO of Manahawkin. “A total of sixty-four percent own at least one outdoor BBQ, grill, or smoker. The popularity of this outdoor cooking equipment combined with longer, warmer days creates a unique fire hazard that should be taken seriously.” 

The time to take precautions is now, before the outdoor cooking season is in full swing. The NFPA offers these basic tips for fire-safe grilling:

For gas/propane grills:

  • Check the gas tank for leaks before using.
  • Open the lid on all gas grills before lighting the grill.

 For charcoal grills:

  • Use only charcoal starter fluid to start the fire but never add it or any flammable liquids to a fire that is burning.
  • Cool coals completely before you dispose of them in a metal container. 

For all grills:

  • Place grill well away from house and deck railings. Don’t place under eaves or branches.
  • Remove grease and fat buildup from grills and trays after each use.
  • Keep children and pets at least three feet away from the grill.
  • Never leave the grill unattended when in use. 

“Basic precautions set the stage for a safe and enjoyable outdoor cooking season. “Life is unpredictable, but you can take steps to control the risk of house and property fires caused by outdoor cooking. Whether you are strictly a summer grilling warrior or you use your grill year-round, simple, common-sense actions can help ensure that the only smoke you smell this summer is the sweet aroma of steaks and vegetables grilling.” 

SERVPRO specializes in fire and water cleanup and restoration services and repair services, helping to remediate damage for both commercial and residential customers. For more information on SERVPRO® of Manahawkin, please contact our office at 609-549-0379. For more information on fire safety, follow these links.

We Will Leave You Satisfied!

4/25/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Manahawkin has been assisting Ocean County residents and businesses for over 10 years. We are a full service restoration company. We specialize in Fire, Water & Mold Damage. And we are also the experts when it comes to putting things back together with our Reconstruction services. Once the mitigation or remediation process is near complete, our office will set up for the one of the reconstruction team remembers to compile information and work up an estimate to put your property back to the way it was. We will also do a walk through of the property with you to determine if there are any modifications you would like to make during the process. There are several components to the repair process, and we do our best to make it all come together and as seamless as possible. After all, who better to get your property back to its original if not better state. We are there from the start and our goal will to not consider the process complete unless you are 100% satisfied.

Who You Gonna Call?

4/25/2022 (Permalink)

superhero in flight SERVPRO Superhero to the rescue!

Not Ghostbusters! You need to call the Superhero's of Restoration!

Pipes, water heater, appliance or AC leaked? When water damage happens, there isn’t much time to think.  It is important to act as quickly as possible. The first thing to do is pause and remember, you are not alone. The second and best thing to do is to call SERVPRO of Manahawkin, the restoration company trained specifically to restore water damaged structure and items. Restoration services are the most time-saving and cost-effective way to get your home back to normal and avoid lengthy repairs. Of course, restoration services require a few key elements to be successful. So, how does the SERVPRO of Manahawkin restoration team restore water damage?  

We are the superheroes, but not the kind that can bend the universe to our will. We do know some science, however. Specifically, psychrometry; aka air science. Instead of “bending” the air or “bending” the water out of structures in your home after a disaster, we manipulate the environment to enhance drying. By isolating the area where damage has occurred and controlling the temperature and humidity with our specialized equipment, we can make the water move from any saturated structure and dry faster. Science and experience are our superpowers.  

If you have experienced water damage in your home, or just would like more information.

Call SERVPRO of Manahawkin at