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Mold Remediation Testimonials

Dear Chris & Diane, I can't express my gratitude enough for bringing us back home to a healthy house.  As you both know from personal experience...everything starts with the foundation of a stable, secure, healthy home.  We are grateful to all of you! Your team reflects your commitment to work ethic but more importantly to respect and character.  Everyone that entered our house was always respectful of us and our home.I also appreciate your moral support as this was a very difficult situation.  Blessing you always, Susan, Marc, Sarah & pets

We had a mold issue in our house. We hired SERVPRO of Manahawkin to remediate. Their service team was very neat, clean and professional. I would highly recommend them.

I had a reoccuring mold issue within my home and I made the mistake the first time not going with SERVPRO of Manahawkin for the mold removal. This time I did not make that mistake, I contacted SERVPRO of Manahawkin regarding this mold issue and they came out literally the next day. My home is now mold free and I am able to utilize the space that was once infested with mold. I'm so happy! 

I had mold in my garage and it was spreading out of control. I made sure I contacted SERVPRO of Manahawkin to help me solve this issue. The guys came in as soon as they could and they did the job. I'm happy everything was finished in a timely manner and I can continue my life.

WOW is about the only word I can think of after SERVPRO of Manahawkin came to my home and solved my mold issue. The guys were super cool and put my needs first (which is always a plus). I would recommend SERVPRO to anyone!

THANK YOU SERVPRO! I am so happy that I can actually return to my home and sleep in my own bed again. It is good to know there are businesses out there that still care about the customer as much as SERVPRO.

Nice work, all 10s!

Awesome work, will use SERVPRO again!

10 out of 10.

Excellent work and excellent service, thanks SERVPRO!

Totally awesome bunch of guys, they did amazing work and were extremely fast!